Burlodge has its own definition of service:
Where we can be of service to you, we are ready for you.

You can count on us whether planning for a new building or the renovation of an existing one, including aspects like finance and operations.

Safety studies, user friendliness, hygiene and temperatures are also part of our service. Maintenance options and a well-designed replacement parts arrangement are also part of the overall service package.


Many manufacturers come and go in our industry,
Burlodge remains committed to the industry it serves.

When you invest time and money into a buying decision for equipment and service you must make sure that you are supported in every manner of the word.

The stability and financial strength of Burlodge has been demonstrated for more than 20 years and its understanding of the need for post-sale support is recognized as unparallelled in our industry.


Practical knowledge to provide sound advice.

We are pleased to offer Technical Support programs which are designed to meet your every need.

From preventative maintenance schedules to on-demand, 24 hour technical support, Burlodge Canada is your partner when it comes to keeping your equipment in top condition, for years to come.


Our global organization simply offers you more.

Like no other, the Burlodge Group knows the opportunities and bottlenecks in meal distribution.

That makes our approach more goal-oriented, the implementation easier, and prevents problems in daily practice. From tender to after sales service, and from general concept to the smallest detail, the Burlodge experience constitutes your built-in security and contributes to  your success.  You can rely on that.