Outstanding design, practical efficiency & personal delivery – we combine all three elements in our Novaflex meal distribution system.

We’ve developed the Novaflex for both traditional cook-serve and cook-chill applications because we understand the demands placed upon today’s food service professionals. Featuring innovative smart technology and ergonomic functionality, food professionals can now personalize individual patient trays and deliver meals with optimum efficiency.


With Novaflex we’ve incorporated technology that better serves food staff, catering managers and clients alike. From simple to use unit controls to back-end data collection for instant monitoring, assessment and understanding, Novaflex improves your capacity to provide better service.

On the Novaflex, the LCD Control Centre features a SmartCard Reader, User Identification and Event Downloading, so you can track time and temperature data by both a LAN or Wifi connection, or easily download the information. The Smart Temp compensation system minimizes electrical consumption and regulates food temperature based on the number of trays loaded. As well, the air convection feature gently brings foods up to the perfect serving temperature on one side of the unit and chills cold foods with its forced air cooling on the other.

Safety & Ergonomics

Burlodge equipment reflects the high standards we maintain around safety and sensible, human design. Recognized by a third party certified ergonomist, our equipment consistently achieves high approval ratings with respect to health and safety legislation. Practically – and more importantly — that means oven doors that open 180 degrees and cold side doors that open to 270 degrees with hold open latches, so full accessibility to trays is never an issue. Ergonomic handles ease manoeuvrability and door construction facilitates trouble-free accessibility. Display panels are easily visible and accessible, as are the mechanical and electrical components if ever maintenance is required. We can also equip carts with door locks and ward identification holders.


Durable, adaptable and distinctly contemporary in design, the Novaflex represents the next generation of food service equipment. Front and top cover panels are constructed from high-impact ABS materials, while all interior corners are rounded to ease cleaning and sanitation. The interior divider wall separates hot and cold sections of the tray without additional manipulation, though the capacity of the hot and cold section of the tray can be altered for each patient. Furthermore, the removable tray rack cassette ensures effortless off-site transport. Available in light green, teal green or cinnamon orange, clients can have their carts personalized with a hospital name or ward designation as desired.


The Novaflex is designed in short (20 or 24 tray racks) and tall sizes (26 or 30 tray rack) and offers the choice of tray racks that can be open or enclosed within the unit. The flat, stackable trays are available in three colours and in two sizes (12 3/4″ x 20 7/8″ or 12 3/4″ x 22 5/8″), and can be conveniently accessed via all four doors. With a refrigeration system that can be air or water-cooled, trays are loaded into the fixed insulated divider wall separating the cold and hot sides. A specially designed gasket seals the gap between the hold and cold sides even when no tray is in the slot. The minimal door swing also highlights the mobility, functional design and compact footprint of the Novaflex.